And it begins.... Trump floats delaying election


Feb 28, 2008
Actually, what C&C was taking issue with was Stelio's contention that Bush was "villified as a racist," as I believe he phrased it. Although he didn't explicitly say that "everyone" or "most" were calling him a racist, the context was his claim that Bush would never be invited to Lewis' funeral if he were still in office, because, as a sitting Republican president, it would be assumed he's a racist.

That description by Stelio was obviously bullshit. For all the complaints people made about Bush, very few people accused him of racism. Simply being a Republican doesn't open one up to accusations of racism. Trump isn't accused of racism because he's a Republican; he's accused of racism because he's a racist.
How many people or cities need to call you a racist for it to count as vilified? How many is very few?