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    Pub walks into a Wisconsin poling place on Tuesday to vote, and it's one of the 10% of the state's polls that have touch screen vs paper ballot.

    a muffled cough can be heard in the background.

    guy votes for all the incumbent state race Pubs who forced him into that room.

    it will happen. voters are idiots.
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    Giuliani, a familiar voice in Trump’s ear, promotes experimental coronavirus treatments

    According to a report in the Washington Post, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is slowly reinserting himself back into White House affairs by advising Donald Trump on possible cures for the coronavirus.

    Giuliani, who has mostly dropped out of sight since the GOP-controlled Senate refused to oust the president after the House presented them with articles of impeachment, popped up on Fox News on Sunday to make the case for alternative cures for COVID-19 and has also been calling the president the report states.

    The report notes Giuliani “….has cast himself in a new role: as personal science adviser to a president eager to find ways to short-circuit the coronavirus pandemic,” adding, “In one-on-one phone calls with Trump, Giuliani said, he has been touting the use of an anti-malarial drug combination that has shown some early promise in treating COVID-19, the disease the novel coronavirus causes, but whose effectiveness has not yet been proved. He said he now spends his days on the phone with doctors, coronavirus patients and hospital executives promoting the treatment, which Trump has also publicly lauded.”

    In an interview, the former New York mayor admitted, “I discussed it with the president after he talked about it. I told him what I had on the drugs.”

    According to the report, Giuliani has been using his podcast to push for alternative therapies including, “a stem cell therapy that involves what the ex-mayor called “placenta ‘killer cells.’ ”

    According to a Giuliani biographer, the former mayor is just trying to get back into the Beltway power game.

    ”He’s been out of the news and out of the limelight since the end of the impeachment drama,” explained Andrew Kirtzman, who is working on a second book on Giuliani. “What you’re seeing is an effort to regain relevance.”

    The report also notes, “In his newly fashioned role, Giuliani — who was widely praised for steering New York City with a steady hand through the 2001 terrorist attacks — has solicited medical tips from a controversial Long Island family doctor with a following in the conservative media, as well as a former pharmacist who once pleaded guilty to conspiring to extort the actor Steven Seagal.”
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    Why would anybody with an IQ over 50 believe Juliani or Trump on this issue. This is a medical matter, and they should listen to the medicine men, not carpetbaggers! :rolleyes:
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