Stephen Carr (RB) transferred to IU


Jul 2, 2018
Regardless of who is carrying the ball the Hoosiers need much better offensive line play this season if the running game is to improve.
It should be better. Only lost Crider. Added Carpenter. And 7(!) 2020 OL commits getting this offseason to develop, including Khalil Benson who I'm surprised we haven't heard anything about this offseason. He was injured all last year, but might have been good enough to play some downs as a true freshman if he hadn't gotten hurt. Someone let me know if any of that isn't right. Anyway, I'm hopeful that we have a strong first-string with a lot of depth. If the line can't get it done this year that won't look good for Hiller.


Sep 7, 2001
This guy is a 5-star stud. Sampson James was a 4-star stud. Baldwin was a 3-star with obvious talent. All that said, I’m still hoping to see our PWO play. Lot of talent for Coach Mc to utilize. This is gonna be fun.
I'm pretty sure I read that Carr had back surgery after his freshman season and that's when he started sinking on the depth chart.

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Aug 28, 2001
This thread just shows how far IU has come. We just landed a 5-star transfer, the first ever for IU in the Rivals era, and we are talking about how he adds some nice depth. In prior years, we’d be talking about him as a given starter and wondering if he’d go over 1,000 yards. He may well end up that way but he’s got several guys he’d have to beat out.


Aug 29, 2017
I think if it was a 5 star hs recruit, then we would probably be talking about him as a guaranteed starter.

Transferring for his last year after not having a very impressive first 4 years puts a bit of a damper on expectations. We just hope that he is as good as his hs ranking would indicate and that he just needs a system that fits him better.

Given that McCullough coached him during his freshman year would seem to indicate he believes he can flourish in our system.
Jul 10, 2017
my boy telling me this gonna be quick transfer.

aint no way that 5 start not making no difference

scott is gone so this is a good test for the young pup
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