Projection: Indiana-Tennessee Gator Bowl


Oct 16, 2004
My gut says Pinstripe again which is better than Detroit and Santa Clara.
I don’t think Nashville will take a B10 team and our attendance will hurt us with Jacksonville.
We have a lot of alumni in Florida but so does ever other conference school.

I think just about everything is better than Santa Clara. Just tough geographically for our fans.


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Dec 10, 2001
I'd be somewhat surprised if IU ends up in either NYC or Nashville--the Pinstripe guys want 8 different B1G teams in 8 years so not IU if possible, B1G & ACC split the Music City & Gator bids and MCB had B1G teams in 2016, 2017 & 2018 so the Gator Bowl should be more likely to want a B1G team this time around, and IIRC the Redbox contractually cannot take a B1G this time around.

If these agreements are still in force, I'd expect either the Gator in Jacksonville or (meh) the QuickLane in Detroit for IU.
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Aug 31, 2019
Question: If Wisconsin loses to Ohio St (as expected) will Penn St pass them and play in the Rose Bowl? My thought is no but the two guys at ESPN who have been projecting all year are saying yes. That seems shady to me...

I know the Cotton Bowl will pick the highest ranked G-5 team (Memphis?), but who will they match them up with? The highest ranked P-5 team? I project that team would be Penn State but I can see them putting Auburn in there instead even though PSU is higher in the CFP Rankings. Auburn and Memphis in Dallas does make sense.

Also I've seen people putting Minnesota in the Citrus Bowl but I would be surprised if that happens.The Bowl people aren't going to see 10-2, they are going to see Minnesota. A match-up like Michigan-Alabama is more sexy. It is possible for a 9-3 team to jump ahead of a 10-2 team.

Mr. Brew's suggestion that Indiana could sneak into the Outback Bowl is intriguing but Minnesota makes the most sense there to me.

With all that said, even if Penn State doesn't make a NY6 game, I can still see Indiana getting into the Gator Bowl just because Iowa and Penn State have recently been there. In this scenario I send Penn St to the Holiday Bowl, Indiana skips over Iowa to get into the Gator Bowl, Iowa goes to the Pinstripe, Illinois goes to the RedBox and Michigan State goes to the Quick Lane Bowl (lol).
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