Summer Q&A: Tim Priller


Hall of Famer
BLOOMINGTON, Indiana - The Summer Q&A series continues today with Tim Priller. Texas native Tim Priller will be one of five seniors for the Hoosiers this season and he talks about his time with the Indiana basketball program and looks forward to the future after he earns his degree next year.

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What are some of the things you have been focusing on this summer?
"We have been really busy working camps and continuing with our workouts in the weight room and on the court. The camps are always fun because you get a chance to be with our youngest fans and you get to see them enjoy being around our team."

What do you see your role coming up this year?
"As a senior, you are always going to be looked upon by the less experience guys for help. Especially when it's not as obvious. My role model would be Ryan Burton. Ryan was someone who came to work every day, had a great attitude and every time we needed something in a game, he came through big time."

If you were talking to the freshman Tim Priller today what would you tell him?
"There is nothing better than being a Hoosier."

"Not every program in college football or basketball comes with the following that Indiana basketball has. As a team and as a player, you are going to go through good and bad. You will be loved and you will be ripped. I haven't played with anyone yet who can say the fans loved him all the time. That's why Indiana is different than most. People care."

How about your overall game?
"I'm trying to learn what our coaches expect of everyone and try to go out every day and do my best. I'd have to have a big year to reach 1,000 points in my career (LOL) but mostly I want to help the program get better every day."

What about your plans after basketball?
"I hope to go back to Texas so if you could put me in contact with Mark Cuban I would appreciate it. I'm majoring in liberal studies with a minor in sociology and criminology. Last year when we went to New York I was really moved when we went out in the community and worked kids. I want to do something where I can give back."

You obviously are a favorite of your peers, anything you want to say to your biggest supporters?
"I appreciate their support. You only have so many games that you can come to in your college career so enjoy them while you can. If you can't use your tickets, get them in the hands of somebody who can."

Go Hoosiers!