Bannning Tik Tok


Feb 20, 2008
Trumpism will be eradicated within a week even with a Pub Senate.

I agree we need balance, the Dems are no bed of roses.

If by the SCOTUS being "progressive Thinking" you mean legislating from the bench...I will never buy that.
No way Trumpism will be gone in a week.

There are other fools who must be voted out.

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Nov 11, 2004
Short of the DNS level I do not see how it can be blocked.

The app is a problem, and I can see the government pressuring to keep it out of the i and Play stores. I don't know how the government does more than that. I also do not know why Microsoft buying and moving to US servers would not be satisfactory.

I once had to work at trying to get things through the Great Firewall of China. It takes a while for their firewall to catch up, so it is possible. Tik Tok will be similar, I imagine new servers and forwarding will get through until the government catches on. It will be cat and mouse.

Did you see the Twitter hack was a 17 year old? I say that to suggest the mouse always wins.
Isn't this whole tiktok thing right out of the Woodrow Wilson playbook?
Unlike Trump, he didn't declare that he had the unilateral presidential authority to prohibit a platform for people's speech. Nor did he suggest that the treasury should grab a "very substantial portion" of the sale price.
But there appears to be similarities.


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Mar 7, 2004
Very well said.

I've always favored a democratic president and a republican congress.

I want my president to be cool and calm, empathetic and a progressive, intelligent thinker as they are the face of the country to the world and they set the mood of the country by their temperament.

I want my laws to be capitalism friendly so I side republican there. Plus I like having a balance of power just in case the executive branch gets a power hungry nut job.

I want my Supreme Court to be progressive thinking.

Thst being said, we have to eradicate 'Trumpism' and those that were too weak to keep him under control.

Thank God we have a democratic house because the republican senate has proven to yellow belly cowards to a wannabe authoritarian.

They need to be held accountable for their cowardly political decisions.

It's why Romney will be rewarded for standing up to the big baby while Susan Collins will hopefully be punished.
Respectfully, you guys are silly.

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