27 earn B10 Academic Honors

Discussion in 'IU Football Board' started by snowling, Dec 5, 2018.

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    I saw where Michigan nominated 45 football players, and the disparity between IU nominations has me wondering 'how this works'? So I found the B1G report https://bigten.org/documents/2018/12/5//2018_Fall_Nominations.pdf?id=6225 and did a quick review. It was interesting that IU didn't seem to have any players with an 'undeclared' major.

    Quick counts:
    Illinois 32
    Indiana 27
    Iowa 33
    Maryland 17
    Michigan 47
    MSU 30
    Minnesota 39
    Nebraska 36
    Northwestern 49
    OSU 28
    PSU 28
    Purdue 29
    Rutgers 28
    Wisconsin 37

    I can understand differences, but almost double??? Does it indicate a difference in how each school interprets classroom results, or a difference in how they manage their student athlete academics programs???

    Anybody have insight into this???
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