THIS Could Be a Problem...

Oct 12, 2013
My point is you may or may not have an offer now. But suppose another offer does not come and his goal is to be head football coach. As the head coach he has control of the program and better offer does not come from that it is on him. Whereas if he stays it is dependent on someone else’s program.
I get that. He knows the players at both schools so he has a leg up on where to bet his future. Let's just make sure it's not about the money.
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Jun 7, 2011
Kalen Deboer's market value is approaching $2 million and Indiana if they were smart would pay it. It would be really hard to replace the value of what he has brought to the table. If I had a choice between keeping him or Allen, I'd choice him.
What? Deboer deserves to be the 4th highest paid assistant coach in the nation? That's ludicrous.

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