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Nov 2, 2001
is going to change here considering how deep we are into the season, but I thought I would post a comment from the Louisville coach over restrictions there. He's lucky since they allow 20 pct capacity there. He also brought up the fact that the Kentucky Derby was at almost full capacity at over 51,000 fans at the event. He made several comments on it and here is one of them:

"I'm ready to open this place up. I'm not going to lie - I'm beyond frustrated. I'm tired of it," McDonnell said. "We're an outdoor sport. I mean, let's go people. Turn on the Masters. Watch the [Kentucky] Derby, watch the games in the SEC and other ballparks. It's an outdoor sport. You want to risk it, you risk it. I'm tired of playing games without people in the stands," he added. "Let's open it up. Let's let our fans come, let's let them enjoy some Louisville baseball. And then, I'll be a little more excited to host the regional because, unfortunately, I haven't had a regional atmosphere yet."

He's just one coach and there are probably some coaches out there that disagree with it, but I thought I would post his comments. The decision to bar fans for the rest of the school year was already made long ago and we are too near the end of it for them to change course on that.


Dec 7, 2005
I don’t much care for that guy and UL in general, but I totally agree with his comments. It’s beyond ludicrous at this point.
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