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Dec 1, 2006
we now live in 2, arguable 3, universes, and the key to holding down deaths and returning much of society and the economy to normality, is logistically and economically enabling the separation of the universes.

the genie is out of the bottle, and olders shouldn't expect youngers to lock down indefinitely too, so the 2 universes can interact.

A), youngers aren't going to lock down too, anyone still thinking they are aren't paying attention to what's going on, and any strategy dependent on them doing so is doomed from the start as no longer attainable short term, and insufficient anyway long term...

B), yes, the separation of the universes will cause real logistical, economic, and fairness, issues, so the huge money being thrown at this should be thrown at the logistical and economic costs of separation, not at the population in general, small business, and disproportionately to big banks and corporations, so we can tread water indefinitely until a miracle happens, with the now playing out economic and societal downsides of doing so.

C), if there is some even partial immunity, freeing youngers will create a large at least partially herd immune base, which in turn benefits everyone.

D), if there is no immunity at all from previous infection, then all olders are screwed anyway until an effective treatment comes along, a vaccine won't work even if safe for use and universally taken, (which it won't be universally taken), and we should at least free those effectively immune by age, or willing to roll the dice by mindset..

E), at risks not wanting to roll the dice need to get out of the way, and govt and the rest of the population need to economically and logistically enable them to do so.

F), yes, everybody wearing masks and distancing to the point of suspending normal society, education, and the economy, indefinitely would be great.

but HELLO, but we have far too selfish, self absorbed, just plain stupid, and deliberately divided with no central leadership or message, a citizenry for that to work here, (look around), so we need a different strategy.

G), all youngers not in total lock down are going to get this anyway, so why drag that out for yrs instead of just letting it happen more quickly, and in a way that doesn't endanger olders, if we enable separating the universes through targeting use of resources in that direction rather than the direction of indefinitely subsidizing those non at risk, who's need for subsidization is due to not freeing the young, rather than because of the virus..

most deaths aren't because of the infection of youngers, they are from not separating the olders from those infected.

H), is this a perfect plan or am i sure, absolutely not.

if you have a better plan that's actually doable, i'm all ears.

if you think the current plan is fine even after the genie is out of the bottle, and many to most, quickly heading in the direction of nearly all youngers and roll the dice olders, flat out refusing to lock down to protect the "at risk" who don't want to roll the dice, make your case as to how this is better.
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