The "A" factor.....Adoration....

Harpo Marxist

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Sep 11, 2002
There are some coaches who...right or wrong, are "adored" by their fan base, and in many cases, their players. We know who these guys are: Dean Smith, Vince Lombardi, Sparky Anderson, Coach K, RMK, with baggage noted.....Jerry Tarkanian, Jimmy can go on. But the point is, these guys were loved, in addition to their coaching ability and accountability. And the A Factor is very important.

Brad Stevens has that one factor that no other coaching candidate has...he is adored. That matters because if he were hired....his first four years might just resemble the last four with Archie. Difference in his abilitity to move the program back to the top after that four year is so great. In other words....IU fans will forgive the poor play and result for a while, knowing that it is a work in progress, until the inevitable rise to the top happens. Maybe its destiny, idk....but North Carolina fans "knew" Dean was going to be at the top of the game, and he was. Coach K had to prove himself, but when he was welded in bronze.

IU fans want Brad Stevens because they know he will win, and return IU to the pinnacle eventually. Thats why he is a adored.
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