Summer leagues


Feb 17, 2006
I'm just really perplexed by all of this. I live near GP and it is just packed every day. And so many people flock to the fields, then go all around Westfield as if there is no virus. I stopped in a speedway the other day and there were like 10 people in line, no masks and no social distancing (I was the only one doing the latter). And I read about the NBA and MLB and everything they are doing, and there seems to be doubt that either will really work. It just seems to me that they care about it at the pro level, but nobody cares about it at the youth and college level. Either they shouldn't be playing now, or they should never have canceled the season. Am I missing anything? I guess here in Indiana, it isn't quite as bad as it was in April. YET. The way people are going about life, it is only a matter of time.

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