Saw this post on the Iowa Rivals football forum.....


Sep 4, 2001
Complete bullshit. No IU coach would say this, not only because it reflects poorly on the team but because it's simply not true. IU looks to have one of the best defenses in the conference this season.
You do realize it wasn't me who (allegedly) said that - right? Interesting that you cut that small snippet out of the post to reply to.
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Nov 17, 2012
Mobile, Alabama
I have long hated the divisions. Not just because IU plays in the top heavy east, but because I want to play other league members like Illinois, Minnesota and Iowa more than every 4-5 years.

When IU last played the Gophers in ‘18, that was IU’s first trip there in 10 years and first game period in 5!!

The Illini haven’t been to IU since ‘13 and IU has played them once over there since. Ridiculous!!

I think 8 games, consisting of 3 protected rivals yearly, then 2 years of home/home vs 5 teams years 1 and 2; then you play the 5 others home/home In the 3rd/4th years. The math works. Just a matter of hashing out who each schools 3 protected rivals are.
Great post except: Your suggestion does not protect the royalty. Makes the playing field even. Nobody wants that. Massive grin! Go Hoosiers!