Reasons NOT to Hire Various Coaches


Nov 24, 2005
Every potential coach has advantages and disadvantages, let's focus on the disadvantages...

Brad Stevens: has publicly shared numerous times how much he despised recruiting..hasn't "coached" for eight years (babysitting pros doesn't count)...reaching a bit

Thad Matta: his back may be healthy enough now, but what will it be like a year from now?

Tony Bennett: boring offense..more packline defense..often gets knocked out of NCAA Tournament much earlier than he should (see packline defense)

John Beilein: he's too old..a system guy who will take a while to fix the roster [46-43 in first three years at Michigan] (though, with the transfer rules, this may expedite the process)..would other coaches use negative recruiting due to the "thugs" comment he made in Cleveland..can he recruit/coach elite talent?

Eric Musselman: Tom Crean 2.0..his team takes bad shots..will jump to the pros early if successful at IU..can he coach?

Chris Beard: IU would need to overpay..does great bringing in transfers, but can he recruit high school students?

Scott Drew: several years ago, coaches were anonymously polled and asked which coaches are cheating..Scott Drew earned 2nd place in voting..can he coach?

That said, I would be ecstatic to have a few of these guys coach at IU.


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Sep 4, 2001
Rick Pitino: Sure he wins championships everywhere he goes (including Europe) and is in the Naismith Hall of Fame.... but HOOKERS!!! EWWWW!!
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