Polls for 5/3/21...


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Nov 2, 2001
Of the five polls I looked at, we are in three of them after being in just one last week. Our best showing is in the Perfect Game poll at 17th, and that is a poll we have been in all season long. We moved back into the rankings with D1Baseball at 24th and Baseball America at 23rd. As expected after getting swept by Rutgers, Nebraska dropped out of all of them. Michigan is ranked in just the College Baseball Newspaper Top 30 poll at 22nd, and we don't appear at all in that poll. The B1G got skunked in the USA Today Coaches poll, but IU, Michigan and Neb all got votes in that one. In the coaches poll, we were very close to getting in as we had 38 votes which was a tie with Oregon St. for 27th place.


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