Musselman would bring enthusiasm


Mar 19, 2021
Eric Musselman would bring a ton of enthusiasm and energy to the IU program. And, he's revived two basketball programs over the past 6 years. If you look at where he got Nevada in such a short period of time, the results are flat out awesome. Arkansas hasn't seen a final 16 in 25 years, yet Musselman gets them there in year two. Might just get to the final 4. He develops players and his guys respond to his coaching style. Look at Justin Smith and his productivity in the tournament. Totally different player than he was with IU. What one really has to admire, is Musselman's journeyman trek to where he's at today. CBA, USBL, D League, International, NBA, and two highly successful stops at Nevada and Arkansas. Check out a few YouTube videos of interviews and it's no wonder players and fans love him. We've reached a point where it's time to select a coach who can really connect with younger guys. He's a master of social media and you better believe how important this is when connecting with youth. Forget the chatter about an IU guy (there's not one qualified). Do we really want Matta, Beard, Beilien, Bennett, etc.? Coach Mussels is your guy if you want to break with boring coaches like Davis, Sampson, Crean, and Miller. He will rejuvenate the culture and make the experience fun. The wins will follow as they have at Nevada and Arkansas.

Al Bino

All-Big Ten
Dec 18, 2001
After doing some cursory reading on him, I believe he might be the one that could kick start the IU program.

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