Live Game Thread: Indiana vs. Iowa | Game 2 |


Dec 7, 2005
For the 2nd day in a row, Rutgers has come from several runs down late in games to beat Neb. Today, they scored 5 runs over the last three innings to win 6-5. The Rutgers win today pulls us even with Neb in the loss column, but they are ahead of us by one game in the win column. Michigan split their double-header with Illinois today, and if I'm not mistaken, we move back into 2nd place over them by percentage points. We are one game up on Michigan in the loss column, but one game behind them in the win column. We need to win tomorrow, and Bierman has been our most consistent pitcher of late. You might even call him our #1 pitcher right now even though he's the day 3 pitcher.
Exactly correct. After the first weekend, I wondered what the real order would shake out to be. It has been interesting to watch how they’re handling the staff. If we end up in a must-win game and all are available, who gets the ball?

Anyway, great win today. Glad I smarted off early about sloppy play. Got them back on track. 😂. Let’s get Sunday and see where we stand.