Kelvin Sampson


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Oct 16, 2004
The biggest issue, from what I recall, with the Sampson debacle was multifaceted.

1) He was the President of the National Basketball Coaches Assoc. who's objective was to clean up recruiting.
2) He was caught cheating at OU for excessive phone calls.
3) IU hired him under provisions due to OU's self-imposed infractions.
4) He committed the exact same violations, while under probation, immediately during his tenure at IU.

Those together struck at the oversight and integrity of the man. And, made a mountain out of what otherwise could have been a mole hill.

The phone calls IMO were a distant second to the type of kids he and his staff brought in. Sketchy kids and zero emphasis on academics.
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Nov 23, 2005
The roster he left was a rogue's gallery of characters. A thinning of the herd was in order. Crean had to dodge a flower pot trying to get one of them to stay.

Whatever happened to Eli Holman? I know he came from a rough background.