Indiana/ISU Tailgate Thread (UPDATED 8/30/2007 @ 12:07 AM CDT)


Aug 5, 2002
Munster, IN
(Looks like this year we won't be as important to the football board and will have to rely on people to come here to check the updates...seeing as how this board hasn't been posted on since March, I am nervous about this! VBG Tell your friends we are OVER HERE!)

I have heard from some people and have sent out an email with the initial information. If you did not get this email and would like to be a part of the planning of the tailgate, please shoot me an email at and I will get you added to my list.

As always, this will be open to everyone, but we like to have an idea ahead of time as to our numbers and who is bringing what. Everyone is welcome to come by, though.

We will be located at the following spot yet again this season:

We will start arriving at around 2:00pm Bloomington time this Saturday. If the grass lots are not open yet, we will find a way to get to our spot. We have managed in the past, but hopefully IU has their act together and realizes that people will want to start tailgating before 5:00pm. :) If you think you will have problems finding us, email me with your name and peegs handle and I will send you my cell phone number so you can call me when you get close to the stadium. See you all on Saturday!!

"We Want 13!"
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