I had a 27 on the front nine this morning and followed it up with a 47 on the back nine for a 74.


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Sep 1, 2001
Unfortunately, I only played five holes on the front nine.

I arrived at our course at around 7:00 this morning because we had a 7:30 tee time. The pro shop said we had a frost delay and probably wouldn't tee off until 9:15 at the earliest.

Because I didn't want to be there that long, I went back home. I then returned to the course at about 8:55, took a bucket of balls to the driving range and noticed nobody from our group was using the range. I called one of our golfers and he said they were on the fourth hole because they had gotten the opportunity to tee off early. I met them at the fourth green and began playing on No. 5 a few minutes later.

Even though I hit the ball fairly well today, I didn't score well. Our greens are extremely firm at this time because we haven't had much rain. I also think the staff is wanting to get rid of the poa annua on the greens.

At least I had a fun time today!
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