I absolutely love getting to play between 54 and 72 holes a week now.


Hall of Famer
Sep 1, 2001
Being semi-retired does have its advantages. I am making less money after working full-time for over 45 years, but I am enjoying life now that I am only working two days a week.

You might not be aware of this, but Otter Creek is hosting an AJGA event this week. The qualifiers were on Sunday and Monday and the actual tournament began on Tuesday.

Because I have a membership that includes unlimited usage of the driving range, I decided to use it to hone my game on Sunday. Unfortunately, the pro shop said the driving range was closed due to the qualifier.

A buddy and I went to play 18 holes at Shadowood in Seymour on Monday morning and we had a great time! A Michigan grad was playing by himself in front of us and asked us to join him after a few holes. We had a blast discussing college sports and bad mouthing Ohio State and Purdue.

I worked yesterday and went to bed last night thinking I would get rained out of golf today. Ironically, I arrived at Otter Creek around 7:10 this morning and walked 18 holes on the East Nine in about 2:25. Because the course was wet and it was cart paths only, nobody was on the East Nine but me.

Thursday is the last day for the AJGA, so we will be able to play the North and West Nines Friday and Saturday mornings. Hopefully, our group won't get rained out either day.

By the way, I am benefiting from just working two days a week now. I have lost approximately 10 pounds in about four weeks and my golf game is beginning to improve. My goals are to lose another 10 pounds and to begin averaging in the low 80s for 18 holes. I also hope to move back to longer tees later this summer.

Life is good!