How will Missing Spring Practice affect the B1G East

Discussion in 'IU Football Board' started by IU Fan 1989, Mar 17, 2020.

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    Since there isn’t much to discuss about college football, here’s an article that says IU missing spring ball won’t hurt as much as most in the B1G East
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    I would think with the extra practices heading into the Bowl game any B1G team wouldn't be hurt as much as those that didn't have those practices. The players that are really losing out are the early enrollment recruits as they miss out on practices they planned on getting.

    IU does have a lot of returning experience back which should be a bonus this season. wouldn't it be nice if IU matched this list and moved up to third in the B1G East.
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    If this is all cleared up by summer, it wouldn't surprise me to see the NCAA give teams an extra week at the start of fall camp to make up for some of the lost time in the spring.
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