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    Any of you horse racing fans - I’ve found this MyRaceHorse app that sells ‘microshares’ of horse ownership to experience a little bit of the horse racing ownership thrill at a small defined one time fee, includes all training, vet fees etc for the lifetime. The best part is these are top-bred horses that would never be able to be involved with otherwise, that now I own a microshare of 0.01%.

    I definitely think you look at it similar to placing a wager on a horse, rather than feeling like a true owner...but they do provide training updates, farm visits, race day and winner circles opportunities etc. The only way to make any money is if one becomes a G1 winner.

    One I own into raced last Friday’s opening day at Santa Anita - and made for a fun day of betting/drinking/anticipation leading up to the 9th race where he finished in 3rd ($6000 paid each owner’s acct $0.41).

    Anyway - w no other sports to gamble in - I threw some money on several horses there - started w two a couple months ago, and have 7-8 now.

    Might be fun for some of you - again for entertainment - not as an investment expecting large returns.

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