Dolson’s List


Apr 26, 2002
1). Make Brad Stevens say “no” and make sure “no means no”. He seems to have done that but Brad does have some time to change his mind.

2). Respect the IU history by interviewing and talking with former players and connections to the program - Woodson, Cheaney et al. He seems to be doing that and probably continues to do that.

3). Evaluate other potential coaching talent and reach out via intermediates to assess their interest. No doubt he has done this and continues to do this. Some options are not available because they are still playing and some buyouts reduce making timing important.

This is not a race. We want to get this right. A lack of “news” is not concerning me. It is highly likely that a lot of the news is “fake news”. The real kind of fake news - intentionally made up by agents and other influencers trying to either: a) make IU look bad because they have an agenda or b) trying to get a better contract for a coach or gin up interest in that coach for another job.

The other thing to consider is that all of this BS happens with most jobs like this (big and small). All the back channels and intermediaries, etc. is normal and expected. But because of the fan base and profile of the program this stuff is “news” and twisted one way or another - people make a living off of clicks and IU fans are rabid clickers!

Maybe Dolson gets this right or maybe he gets it wrong, but the reality is we can jump up and down or continue to hand-wring over the hire - we will not know for a couple of years if he nailed it or messed it up. We just won’t. We will have opinions. That is all.