Cool thing I learned about my dad


Oct 4, 2010
My dad was a huge jazz fan, especially of subversive jazz. One of his heroes was Rahsaan Roland Kirk. Turns out when my parents were a young couple just getting started, Kirk was coming through Ohio, and my mom scored tickets as a secret birthday surprise, and took my dad to the concert.

I remember being a young lad, and having my dad put big ass headphones over my ears, and making me listen to him. We had a code. "Headphone music" was for music that was so important or meaningful that you couldn't really appreciate it unless you were the guy with the headphones on (we only had one set, so we had to take turns). Kirk was one of those musicians.

Anyway, I have to imagine that this was one of the best birthdays of his life. To be shocked and surprised into going to see one of his heroes live. No matter how good that show was, from Dad's point of view, I'm sure it was brilliant. I wonder if my mom scoring those tickets was ultimately the reason I'm here to bother you all now.