Big scheme good thoughts


Oct 25, 2002
If we had played our full schedule, we’d have likely been 10-2 or 11-1. Obviously some games might have went differently with them played at different times of the year. But all things equal, we would have won our 3 non conf games. And we would have beaten Purdue. That’s 10 wins.

We just went toe to toe with two good middle of the pack SEC programs in our last two bowl games.

We stood up with them from a talent standpoint. It hasn’t been too long ago that any of us should have been excited about having comparable talent with bowl caliber SEC teams. That means we’ll fair well in the B10.

Our program is sustainable. We should have a lot returning next year. So we should be really good again.

Todays game sucks. I don’t like how we lost it, at all. But lots to be thankful for with where our program is at right now.


All-Big Ten
Mar 31, 2009
Today was disappointing but here we are complaining about our January bowl game when even qualifying for a lower tier bowl used to be a pipe dream. The program is moving forward. Learn from this and keep improving.
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