AZ Recount,Champ and QAnon- the new stormfront


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Nov 11, 2004
This is a QAnon themed thread, to share things that people may be unaware of. If you're not interested in finding out more about Q-tips,
feel free to abstain...

So some of us may remember the NJ Gymowner who went viral during the lockdown for saying he was going to remain open despite Gov Murphy ordering all non-essential businesses to close. I remember at the time thinking he sounded like a selfish prick, but I never expected to hear any more from him...

Well, last week there was a new arrest in the insurrection investigation, and it turns out this guy (Scott Fairlamb) was arrested. He was the star of newly released videos that show him physically assaulting two or 3 different LEOs on Jan 6. Now I know some people take issue with the term "insurrectionist", but this guy seems to totally fit the bill. He's a bit of a narcissist so he had to film himself which I imagine combined with his earlier history will be damning...

He's a former boxer or MMA fighter, so as this first video points out he's no ordinary citizen when he attacks these LEOs. No surprise he's a Qtip, and likely all in on both the AZ recount theory as well as the hidden language behind the meaning of Champ's death. It turns out he's also the (estranged?) brother of a Secret Service agent who was attached to Michelle Obama's security team. And he's also the son of a cop...

These videos are intermingled, and I'm not sure which details are mentioned in them respectively. If you watch all 3 you'll get a better idea of how all this intertwines...

This discusses the AZ recount and Champ and features an investigative author who really knows Q

Just wanted to give you the heads up.
Two reporters at NBC News spend all their time doing this. Just like when they tried to frame protests against child-trafficking as Qanon-inspired because some Qanon people attended.

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