Are we including the NCAA tourney in the results?

gloriana forever

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Sep 4, 2001
I had suggested this, and there seemed to be some favorable interest from a couple others. It would extend the roto season by three weeks, and could make a small difference in the final standings. Could also make those tourney wins worth more each round a team advances to reward you for your sagacious pick back in December, much like most NCAA tourney pools do.


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Sep 25, 2001
Fishers, IN
I'm not in favor of this

As always I'll abide by the group decision but IMO it is a bad idea. The tourney is exciting enough as a stand alone event that I don't need any extra incentive to watch it. It also gets away from the core of roto which is conference play. I mean we may as well count all games for the entire season if we're going outside of conference play.


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Aug 30, 2001
That's pretty much the majority opinion here.

Even a roto-radical like me isn't for this. Plus Peegs would kill me if I suggested it.

A big downside that you didn't even mention, is that it devalues the mid-major leagues too much.