Andy's Brick.


Aug 5, 2002
Munster, IN
Tomorrow is 1 year since passing of Andy. :(
Damnit. Never gets easier. He would have loved that Bucket Game and the Michigan game too! I had two extras for the UM game and probably would have offered them up to him as well as I had done for past games against his other favorite team. Lol


Oct 31, 2007
B1G Champs over 2 rival black & gold teams (Andy's favorite colors, as a bee, you see) and Erin Andrews sexy spy movie in the news at the same time. ARuss is in heaven
And he's currently haunting that creep who spied on her. He's having a blast!


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May 29, 2001
Cheers Andy.

Chris Robinson's version of Sugaree played on Sirius this morning and I instantly thought of you.

Cheers to hoping your cheating whore of an ex has a cavity!
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Aug 28, 2003
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Andy Russell, the son of Louis & Karen Russell, was an integral part of the Columbus North High School class of 1992 – and of the entire Columbus community. To know Andy was to love him. He never met a stranger. During his time at CNHS he was an active participant in athletic competition, playing football all four years and receiving the prestigious Tom Orr Award for his artistic talents. During Bull Dog basketball season, he fanned the flames of school spirit – serving as the student body’s chosen “C – O –” man. Andy also joined the cheer leading team in his senior year

In addition to his deep involvement in athletics, Andy’s passion was for the arts. He was deeply immersed in both theater and music. He spent all four high school years in Bull Dog choirs including the men’s show choir and the Music Men (CNHS’ premier competition show choir). He competed as a soloist throughout his high school career and performed in the concert choir. Andy also played a major role in Bull Dog theater productions as well as community theater (Mill Race Players).

The tragic and sudden loss of Andy in 2014 left many, many friends and family lost and empty. Bull Dog Nation is greatly diminished by Andy’s premature departure.

Andy’s many friends want to keep his memory alive – and support current CNHS students with interests and passions like Andy’s. The mission of the Andy Russell Endowment will be to provide harmonic support to many soaring Bull Dog voices in the future. With generous support from Andy’s many fans, the endowment will provide annual grants to the Performing Arts for outstanding choral and theater performance.

Our goal is to raise a minimum of $10,000 to create a self-sustaining endowment that can grant $500 per year – with the ultimate goal of increasing the fund balance to over $20,000 and granting at least $1000 per year. The Russell’s have secured the generous commitment of a close family friend to match up to $10,000 in donations to the endowment.

Please help us honor this remarkable man that has touched so many of us in ways that we can’t put into words! Your generous donation will not only keep Andy’s memory alive and honor him, but help so many other students.