2020 CFP/Heisman odds


All-Big Ten
Apr 9, 2012

The interesting teams at those odds for me are:

--Bama at 6:1......I'm sure Saban is plenty pissed about how this year went.....Matt Jones looks like one of those throw-back types he originally won with before Hurts came along.

--Auburn at 30:1....They're always good and always in the background.

--OU at 30:1....Getting there is half the battle...and they know how to get there

--Oregon at 30-1.....Again, getting there is half the battle....the rest of the PAC 12 is not so great.

--Michigan at 40:1.....They can't be as bad as they've shown...incentive matters, and they're embarrassed....Harbaugh's last stand? BTW, I listened to John Harbaugh's PC after the Ravens lost....he's very articulate. WTH happened to Jim? He talks as if he's suffered some brain injury from playing to long.........I'm not being nasty about that, he may have.
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