15:33 to 7:57 in 2H


All-Big Ten
Apr 12, 2012
Apex, NC
IU goes up 43-33 after a Race bucket. All things look good, then, it happens. IU goes awful. Sparty goes on a 24-9 run over the course of 7:36 game minutes. During that stretch, IU has 12 possessions.
5 Turnovers
- RP: 2
- Lander: 2
- TJD: 1

Team Shooting on other 7 possessions, 2-7.
For the remaining 7:36 minutes, Sparty outscored IU 21-19. This stretch did the team in and when you get behind and have zero guards to create offense, they just allow Trayce to get his and did whatever they wanted to do offensively. Sparty scored 45 points the final 15 minutes of 2H. Worst defensive performance of the year.
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