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    I agree Silver Creek played Princeton in regional final two years ago and while I thought he was a good player, not like a program changer. So he picks PU? Forget it and move on IMO.
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    If FB is cancelled, little hope for BB

    I think anyone who looks like Steve Erkle should stay at home.
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    what high school did you attend what year

    Roberts Stadium used to be an awesome place for regionals and semi state. Always a packed house during those games. Best high school game I ever watched was Prinecton's four overtime win over Evansville Bosse who at the time was number one team in the country in the 83 regional. The town of...
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    what high school did you attend what year

    Don't forget Vincennes Rivet too. That four team sectional was a killer! o_O no wonder Vincennes won so many sectionals, had to be the easiest in the state.
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    Most disappointing NCAA tourney losses

    Sorry, I know the original post said not to mention 1993 with Kansas, but that was a killer. Loved that team, and disheartened when they suffered that loss.
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    what high school did you attend what year

    Princeton Community, 1986, go Tigers!
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    Green goes one on five and fires up a brick 3pt shot

    I had to chuckle at all the scores on the prediction thread picking IU by 15, 20 or more. I was thinking what team have they been watching!?
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    #20 IUWBB preps for B10 Tourney (BTN)

    I've said it all season, the IU women's team is by far more fun to watch than the me.
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    Does Purdue get in before IU with 2-3 more wins

    Yes, the beat IU twice, they deserve it more than IU
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    Archie says so

    He said in post game that IU will have its name called on selection Sunday, and this team "still has a lot of play" in them. If Archie says it then you gotta believe!o_O
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    Fire him now!

    But they are improving, just ask Archie
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    Is IU really a tournament team

    Yes, NIT tounament.
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    Anybody got a good feeling about this Illinois game tomorrow?

    Yes, I got a good feeling IU is going to get throttled.
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    Psyche of Current Team

    Yes my advice is to lower your expectations, when IU was a dominant team (many years ago) after a rare loss I was disappointed and butt hurt for a day or two. Since I've lowered my expectations knowing that basically every road game is a loss, it's not so bad. I expect them to lose, and 2...
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    Prediction Thread: Indiana @ PU

    Your good feeling must have been the beans you eat
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    Not sure why anyone would be surprised they would play any other way than this on the road. This IS Indiana basketball away from Assembly Hall. Got another game identical to this coming up with Illinois, so no reason to sweat losses like this cause they are a given.
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    IUWBB welcomes UN for Senior Night (BTN)

    Uh you couldn't figure out UN was Nebraska, and thought it was what United Nations!? OKo_O
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    Purdue today...

    Yes he's very good too.
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    Purdue today...

    Yes I think Hummell is a really goid guy and excellent commentator. I enjoy the games he does in B1G, very good to see him honored.