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    UK's Ashton Hagans Cash Video

    Simply not true on your part. The University made a statement via its Compliance Department that they had addressed the issue and no further information would be provided based on student privacy rights. The money from a friend's sold car is just rumor floating around. Unless you can provide...
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    Did the BTT hurt NCAA chances?

    Totally agree with this. Each conference can set their own rules as to whether or not they have a postseason tournament. I do feel a little bad for the teams that have a great regular season and then falter with one bad game. At least they get an automatic berth in the NIT as a consolation...
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    FIVE points in last 6:52.. CLUTCH

    Pathetic offensive basketball down the stretch today. This has to be the most depressing offensive basketball team at IU I've ever watched.
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    Anybody got a good feeling about this Illinois game tomorrow?

    Hate moral victories, but they played a lot better than I thought they would. Thought for sure they would lose by 10 +. They fought hard and were in the game from start to finish. Baby steps.
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    Race Thompson = Daryl Thomas

    Seemed like Thomas from the start had a decent touch around the basket. I haven't seen that as much from Thompson yet.
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    For Argument's Sake

    Nope. They received an at-large bid in the 2000-2001 season with a record of 16-14
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    Anybody got a good feeling about this Illinois game tomorrow?

    I would be shocked if they lose by less than 10. Have no faith in them on the road. Prove me wrong Hoosiers
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    Nice stat for the team

    I don't think we're talking about the first Maryland game, I think we're talking about the meltdown at Indiana where IU pretty much blew the game in the last 90 seconds.
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    Guy on ESPN

    I would be very surprised if Archie ever pursued a TV analyst gig. From watching him at and Dayton and IU, he is clearly not thrilled to be in front of the camera. It's just not his personality. He has gotten better, I swear the first year at Dayton he looked like he was going to throw up every...
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    Archie Miller

    I am a die-hard UD fan who also happens to be an IU fan, so when Archie left Dayton I was disappointed. But, if I could have picked one school for him to leave for it would have been IU since I root for the Hoosiers as well. I am dumbfounded at how bad this IU team has looked most of the year...
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    Current Lunardi Bracket........

    Toppin was strictly a Grant recruit, as was Jalen Crutcher, who are the two stars of the team. But yeah, Mikesell and Landers were brought in by Archie, and they are VERY key pieces to UD's success this year.
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    Half time Wat Shot Contest

    I heard UK was having a contest to see which fan could dig up information faster about a ref that they disagree with and post his personal information online, trying to ruin his business, while wishing cancer on the opposing coach and hoping that an opposing player gets hit by a bus. Line will...
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    Recruiting why it sucks...............

    Crazy that neither Alford or Cheaney were McDonald's AA's.
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    14-4 with MSU and Maryland on deck

    It's a big-time win because in the Big Ten road wins seem nearly impossible. Even as bad as they are, Nebraska beat Iowa and Purdue on their home floor. Hell, in college basketball any conference road win is a good win. Just this week #10 Kentucky lost on the road to a bad South Carolina team...
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    I just looked at the schedule, 15-15 is a possibility

    2013-14 better than 85% of teams from 3pt. 2014-15 better than 67% of teams from 3pt. 2015-16 better than 49% of teams from 3pt. 2016-17 better than 90% of teams from 3pt. One of those years was average the other three were well above average. I do not think that word means what you think it...
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    I just looked at the schedule, 15-15 is a possibility

    You I have said this more than once but it's just not true. His teams were decent shooting teams at Dayton. You're talking out of your ass. His last four teams at UD, who all made the tournament, were ranked 54th,116th, 182nd, and 38th in 3 pt% . So in their their worst year they were about...
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    Gametime for OhSt

    Game is at noon. 11:30 is like Fox's college basketball preview show
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    Haven't listened to it yet but I noticed that Dakich had Crean on his show today

    Oh okay gotcha. I wonder again if having Crean on his show was a little bit of an attempt by Dakich to rub Miller's nose in it a little bit, after Georgia just beat Memphis and then IU with the embarrassing performance at Maryland. Would love to know the back story as to why Miller never...
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    Haven't listened to it yet but I noticed that Dakich had Crean on his show today

    Anyone think that is kind of a big F U to Archie? Guessing Dakich and Miller are not too terribly fond of each other since Archie never does his show... By the way, in the podcast description it had this quote from Crean on the differences at Georgia as opposed to IU: "There was no...
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    US Base In Iraq Destroyed By Quds Forces

    Clickbait. the story isnt even true and it takes you to some p*** site after you click on it