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    Keion Brooks asking to change Rupp

    Board members have a responsibility to educate those less woke. What does FDC signify? Friday Drinks Club Federal Detention Center Fixed Drug Combination Fault Decision Criteria
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    Keion Brooks asking to change Rupp

    I don't know what was in Branch McCracken's mind. Judging by his actions, however, in 1947 he recruited Bill Garrett, the first African-American basketball player in the B1G. Bill Garrett I also want to add that Bill Garrett was not a token recruit. He started from game 1. Branch did not...
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    Advice To IU Fans

    It's a mind experiment You know, something like Einstein used to do. Take a football surogate, extend that surogate to basketball and note the irony (if not the open hostility).
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    Advice To IU Fans

    ESPN offers the following suggestion to Football fans in the B1G and Pac 12: The article suggests a new team to follow for fans of each B1G team. The tragedy here is that...
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    A Misdirected Laff

    For reasons unrelated to this message, I looked up Fred Taylor, the Lucas era Ohio State basketball coach, on Wikipedia. I read this sentence, "A talented recruiter, Taylor coached six All-Americans as well as Hall of Famers Jerry Lucas, John Havlicek and Bobby Knight." My initial reading let me...
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    How AJ Moye Met Bob Knight

    In one sense Moye was screwed by his experience at IU. He came to play in CBK's motion offense, which well matched his versatile game. As an upperclassment he played the 4 in CMD's pro offense, a position for which he was ill suited.
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    Chuck Marlowe and Dick The Bruiser

    Just hold it right there. I watched Moose Cholak being introduced in the squared circle multiple times. Moose was from Moosehead, Maine. Please take note: Moosehead, Maine: East; Yukon: Far West. Please stop with the fake news. Aside: One of my bucket list items was to have a drink in...
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    Kentucky cheerleaders.

    Here is a link:
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    All Decade: 1960-1969 I'm amazed at how familiar I am with the players through the VanArsdales - McGlocklin era and how unfamiliar I am with the players that came later in the 1960's. Look...
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    All Decade: Pre-1950s, 1950-1959

    I'm poaching Steve Nowling's territory here, but I found the 2 linked articles to be very interesting reads. Pre-1950s teams: 1950-1959 teams...
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    Mac's Boys

    I read Mac's Boys 3-4 years ago. It was a terrific read. I recommend it to anyone with an interest in the McCracken era. The book is an engaging reminder that IU basketball did not begin with RMK.
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    All-TIme Indiana Basketball Starting 5 (link)

    5: Bellamy 4: Schlundt 3: Cheaney 2: Oladipo 1: Thomas All positions other than the 2 seem fairly obvious. For the 2 I looked for a player that could shoot, run, rebound and play defense. The defense piece threw a black cloud over Rayl, Alford, Guyton. I think my second choice might be...
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    My top 5 players at IU

    You have got to be kidding me. Your perspective is "here and now". Here is my vintage team and I'll spot you 5.5 points: 5: Walt Bellamy 4: Don Schlundt 3: Pick a Van Arsdale 2. Jimmy Rayl 1: Hallie Bryant or Bob Leonard How is Steve Alford's defense? Who is he going to guard?
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    Rank these 10 former IU players

    Frank Radovich was a great IU power forward who graduated 1 year ahead of Bellamy. His senior year he averaged 14.8 points and 11.9 rebounds per game. His game was similar to that of Marco Killingsworth. Radovich was rough, tough and came to play. He also got up and down the floor in the...
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    2002 IU vs Maryland

    As bad as IU played, wasn't either the score tied or IU up by 1 in the middle of the second half? I remember thinking at the time that if IU could play this badly and still be tied, then IU had a decent chance to prevail. Unfortunately, Maryland went on a run.
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    And Now It Can Finally Be Told ...

    Here is what I can report: IU makes NCAA basketball tournament. IU loses to BYU in first round. Yale beats Michigan in first round. Bradley beats MSU in first round. USC beats Illinois in first round. Marquette beats Kansas in second round. Providence beats Kentucky in second round. Maryland...
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    High Ball Screen

    IU employs multiple sets in which a forward sets a high ball screen at the top of the circle. In watching the Minnesota game, I observed that Minnesota guards had no trouble getting over the screen. Thad Matta always coached his teams to set a screen that targets the legs of the defender. IU...
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    Archie Fans

    I'm curious. How is Davis a "selfish player"? His body is breaking down. Yet, he is effective on offense; he plays team defense; he rebounds. He has adjusted to reduced minutes. Isn't he the kind of player you want on your roster?
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    For Just One Night Support Crean

    I just observed from reading multiple previous posts that many on this board would have a very difficult time saying the words, "I support Tom Crean", even if the context were UGA vs UK.
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    Knight's conversation with Archie!!!

    Navigate to the web page of the Green Bay Packers and then navigate to historical rosters. In 1952 or 1953 there was one Richard Afflis on the roster. Do you think he smoked a cigar in the huddle?