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    Best ‘O Luck versus the Vols!

    Strong rumors are that UT pulled a switcharoo and will meet you in Jacksonville! Kentucky looks headed to Charlotte for the Belk Bowl!
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    I friggin' hate UK

    Wait ‘till you meet 40K UT fans in Jacksonville! Rumor on Cat forum is UT is making inroads to be your opponent!?!
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    The Hoosiers versus the Cats!

    Well, hold the phone. There is a rumor Kentucky is headed to Charlotte. I think you guys are headed to Jacksonville.
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    The Hoosiers versus the Cats!

    Hello Hoosier Nation! Looks like we are in for a little old fashioned rivalry talk. We have a pretty active free board on Rivals for football. How ‘bout we adopt a rule that the first in red or blue who mentions roundball gets a two year ban. I can’t wait for the game. We and Ga. Tech...
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    Interesting Take On How We Might End Up In Tampa (Outback Bowl)

    This has gained a lot of legs in Kentucky and Tennessee circles. The Gator wants a B10 team, and MCB seems to want Louisville and UT. Looks like Kentucky/IU in Jacksonville is the leading rumor.
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    What’s important to you for the bowl bid?

    Sounds like Jacksonville vs. Kentucky!
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    Not knowing bowl destination until Sunday sucks

    Looks like several are now picking an IU/Kentucky matchup in Jacksonville!