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    He has been impressive in the playoffs! Making a name.
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    If FB is cancelled, little hope for BB

    Moderators are doing a wonderful job here! Congrats!
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    If FB is cancelled, little hope for BB

    The imbecile accreditation is so true! It is why there are continental divides in our society. Making claims based in hate. The Moron Pinnacle's behavior is well documented.
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    Thank You Justin Smith!

    Like you know if he was not trying his hardest - lol. So let's go with your tainted view. That means we have a coach that lies to us and plays players that don't try their hardest and gives them the most minutes.
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    Thank You Justin Smith!

    Sad how some of these "Fans" dump on their own
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    Covid, And A Hard Reality Never Discussed.

    My favorite "Heard Immunity" "those under the age of danger but old enough and able to live on their own, need to acquire the virus asap, thus some immunity and a probable lessening of future infection, while they are still young. this will give a "heard immunity" factor to a great percent of...
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    3 Years and Finally!

    We will never know if IU made the 2020 tournament or not
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    Will we play better

    Without out fans in the building?
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    Archie's debut on ATH

    Loved the panel's responses... On point on each of them
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    Archie's debut on ATH

    Comes off very poorly. All thought he was the cartoon character. What was he thinking!
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    Where are our three returning guards positioned for next year?

    With the likelihood of Kristian Lander arriving in June, how does the playing time and situations change for 2020 / 2021 front court? What has happened to Armaan Franklin's development?
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    Interesting last 3 minutes...

    So true! Do not put it into the refs control.
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    Interesting last 3 minutes...

    Elbow foul no call Trip on rob no call Time out given on jump ball Hmmmmm
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    Can’t shoot, don’t play defense, do not value the ball

    Absolutely! The defensive effort was there but so was Purdue's,. The offensive breakdowns, particularly at end of the first half, is disconcerting. Archie has yet to figure out his drought problems. A simple time out during those droughts with a sure fire scoring play never materializes.