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    Nate Sudfeld

    Lots of criticism about Carson Wentz play the last two weeks. What I don’t get is all the pundits speculating it might be time for Jalen Hurts. Perhaps situationally, but I don’t see Hurts as an NFL quarterback. Moreover, what about Nate Sudfeld? When healthy, he’s looked good for Philly...
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    Any insight on health of HOOSIERS?

    Aside from Covid, anyone have an injury update? Hoping the extra time has helped Penix and Scott fully recover, and in Penix’s case, get stronger. Any intel is appreciated. Go Hoosiers!
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    I don’t feel so bad about Gator Bowl...

    The wife and I went to JAX for Gator Bowl. Still having bad dreams about that onside kick. But, the ATL Falcons made an even worse showing today vs Dallas. That was ridiculous!
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    All time Hoosiers NFL (offense)

    Yes, 21st pick in round 1 of 1991 draft by the saints. VD rushed for over3,000 yards in his 2 years at IU and finished 6th in Heisman voting in 1991. Too bad injuries derailed his NFL career.
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    All time Hoosiers NFL (offense)

    VD only played 4 seasons in NFL. 39 games, 935 yards, 5 TDS. I think you are right about the knee injury. I can recall thinking who could possibly replace AT after his 4 amazing years at IU. Well, VD did a great job. He’s my 3rd all time favorite IU running back (modern day) behind AT and...
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    All time Hoosiers NFL (offense)

    Marcus had a surprisingly good career as a kickoff/punt returner. Interesting to compare his stats with ARE’s: Kickoff returns Thigpen 23.6 ave yards, 1 TD ARE 23.3 ave yards, 1 TD Punt returns Thigpen 9.7 ave yards, 1 TD ARE 8.2 ave yards, 5 TDs
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    All time Hoosiers NFL (offense)

    If I was picking an all IU team from last 50 years, Ernie Jones would be my #1 receiver. He had a fair NFL career, but was an outstanding college player. Thanks and Go Hoosiers!
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    All time Hoosiers NFL (offense)

    Agree that much more challenging of defense. IU’s had some great defensive players through the years, but not many with stellar NFL careers. Sniadecki and Tracy Porter are top of mind for me. Thanks!
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    All time Hoosiers NFL (offense)

    Love AT, one of the greatest Hoosiers ever. This team was selected for NFL accomplishment, and for whatever reason AT’s NFL. career was short and nothing special. He’d for sure be on my all time IU team though. Thanks!
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    All time Hoosiers NFL (offense)

    Good thoughts, thank you.
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    All time Hoosiers NFL (offense)

    With start of NFL season, it’s fun to reflect on who your all time Hoosiers NFL team would be (offense). This based on having successful NFL careers. My team: QB - Trent Green RB - George Taliafaro RB - Tom Nowatzke WR- Pete Pihos WR- Earl Faison WR- Antwan Randel El OL - Bob Skoronski OL -...
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    Thanks for the civility and straightening me out. Much appreciated.
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    I don’t watch many NBA games, but am so starved for sports I’ve watched some of the playoffs. What really stands out are: 1) number of bad shots, 2) poor rebounding, and 3) how few players are really committed to play defense. Really hard to see the game played this way. I must be getting old.
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    Marcelino Ball getting some love

    I hope the attention in Ball proves to be warranted. Strong freshman year, but frankly last two seasons have been disappointing from him. Now’s the time Mr. Ball, finish your IU career strong!
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    The Mighty Quinn

    Good stuff, thanks for sharing. Hoosiers love their Sing Sing Sing.
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    Phil Steele puts nine Hoosiers on his All-Big Ten Teams

    2 surprises to me. 1) left off Mullen, 2) included Ball. I hope Ball finishes his IU career strong, but he’s struggled the last two seasons. Go IU
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    The Mighty Quinn

    Who remembers the IU pep band playing “The Mighty Quinn” at AH during the 75/76 season? I was a freshman at IU that season and recall it fondly. One of IU’s all time great leaders.
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    Assessing Indiana's passing targets for 2020

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    Just me, or is this season of NCAA hoops lacking...

    Not sure why, but this season of NCAA...
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    Apathy setting in..

    For nearly 50 years I have ordered my schedule...