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    I can't drive 55!

    Happy wet double nickel dreams
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    I can't drive 55!

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    Throwback- ****THURSDAY****

    Stop by more often with that kind of greeting
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    Throwback- ****THURSDAY****

    PointS very clearly made and visible even for poor eye-sight. HFY....Coach PeteBell approved of this message
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    Channel 8 Tampa meteorologist

    Hot and Wet conditions are still being forecasted
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    RIP my sister

    Sorry to hear that. Remember the fond memories in her honor
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    Hump Day

    Lots of spankings needed there.. preferably with them present
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    AOTF Dumb Poll #7

    Oral...... I would say yes.
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    I got lucky Monday.

    Those pics will definitely clear any blockage. Wishing you the best Largemouth
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    I got lucky Monday.

    Died Happy and Spent with his favorite China Doll
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    Hump Day

    Hump Day ALL day and night for that matter
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    Throwback Championship! Raquel Welch vs Elle McPherson

    Those definitely PERKED up my morning I am craving 2 glasses of milk.... odd
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    Throwback Final Four matchup 2- Brigitte Bardot vs Elle McPherson

    Since tuna really isn't consumed just enjoyed...kinda similar to not inhaling ??
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    Throwback Final Four matchup 1- Raquel Welch vs Christie Brinkley

    t daughter? Helps with the fantasy
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    Throwback Tourn Elite 8 matchup 2- Phoebe Cates (4) vs Christie Brinkley (5)

    You'd do more than shit yourself.. but either way you can't lose.
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    IU to play Robert Morris and Nebraska-Omaha next season

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    IU to play Robert Morris and Nebraska-Omaha next season

    Gramps. FACT is you stated that UK, Duke, KU all played 5-8 P5 quality opponents every year. When called out AGAIN, you shamelessly move the goalposts like some sad POS who if they can't win by lying you pout and scream you were misunderstood. Total loser. Nough said.
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    Hump Day

    TWO Humps, Please!!!
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    Upside down Wednesday

    Agreed.. Me Likey Kinda like 69 upside down. It's all good in lockdown