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    Week One Point Spread vs. Penn St. in Bloomington

    The big boys don’t really take IU serious.
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    Nojel Easterns

    yep...the world is full of very moral pagans who will spend eternity in hell.
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    Nebraska is a pretty good team

    Nebrasky is pretty good but the Hoosiers made them look like duke
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    Out of left field....

    well it looks like tommy will get another year at least. you guys are so lucky
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    Does IU keep Crean on principle?

    i would be surprised if crean/glass have even had this conversation. they both think this season is an anomaly. it actually may be. crean isn't going anywhere especially on his own. he loves iu. oh and cheyenne agrees with them...don't fret...
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    SI - Thamel - Crean to NC State possibility

    actually nobody minds the way he looks it's the way he acts. someone else has posted before that crean thinks people come to the games to watch him coach
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    SI - Thamel - Crean to NC State possibility

    you guys are hilarious. when side show tom was winning the B1G the majority of posters on this forum were ok with having a tan clapping clown dancing on the sidelines (actually on the court). he's been laughed at by the rest of the conference fans for the past 7-8 years. welcome to realville
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    Oh and cream will be extended
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    Sweet 16 is given start thinking final 4 or national champ and get on the bandwagon while good seats are available or be left behind Remember you heard it here 1st
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    the clapper is the same coach he's always been. just not gonna win the conference this year and out come the pitch forks. the injuries are real
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    Something is seriously wrong with IU Men's Basketball....

    Afraid if it weren't for cupcakes there wouldn't be many wins. BB or FB
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    U of L vs IU

  13. J

    U of L vs IU

    Hey crazy This team won't even be a legitimate contender for the B1g title let alone win a tourney, 5-6 in the conference at best.
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    Congrats Purdue on Beating ND

    Not me. Boiler up Potfi
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    Thomas Bryant

    So if you don't mind side show tom TB will never bother you
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    The North Carolina game will not be pretty.

    We will have our hands full. Not much chance w /o some serious home cookin