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    Big Ten Schedule 2020 (link)

    I can speak with better knowledge about the Michigan/MSU/IU switch than I can the Wisconsin/Purdue/Nebraska one on in the west, but I’m guessing they are similar. When the B10 moved from Leaders/Legends to East/West in 2014 (with the addition of Rutgers and Maryland), it happened after one...
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    Big Ten Schedule 2020 (link) Michigan at home for a second year in a row. (MSU on the road for 2nd year in a row). Bucket game still the last game of the season. Only “Traditional rivalry game“ being played the final week.
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    It’s not looking good

    Michigan announced any attendance at Ann Arbor would be handled on a single game basis, offered via priority/seniority points. No general ticket sales and all ticket money (including RSD) already paid either refunded, donated, or put towards 2021. it’s likely any attendance would be offered to...
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    Beginning of the End For Kirk Ferentz?

    His base salary in 2021 would be $5 million, increasing $100k a year though 2025. That’s $26 million+ in base salary alone - guaranteed - depending on how the contract is interpreted in 2020 due to Covid ((f he were to win 7 games in a 12 game schedule - that includes Northern Iowa...
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    Beginning of the End For Kirk Ferentz? depending on how Covid wrecks the season (and how this would be interpreted in the Courts) Ferentz is a 7 win season (out of 12 games) away from guaranteeing the full...
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    Harbaugh isn't the QB whisperer he was made out to be

    You are incorrect on several parts of your assertion. Mike Hart never lost to MSU during his 4 year career at Michigan. His “little brother” comment came after the 2007 game (Hart’s senior season) when Michigan scored 2TDs in the last 7 minutes to beat Michigan St 28-24. Often overlooked...
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    Another poll- season tickets

    FWIW, at least one other B10 school (Michigan) has stated what will happen if there are no spectator allowed games prior to the 2021 season. The options were a full refund (this school charges a second required donation in addition to the actual cost of tickets - both would be refunded if...
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    Tom Allen cost us the game

    >>The refs were holding the snap for some reason and the holder told Justus to reset<< The White Hat (Referee) was waiting for the Back Judge to finish his responsibilities during the time out (consulting with TV timeout guy) and move all the way to his position responsibility for the kick...
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    Pretty obvious the Ohio State TD reversal

    >>The weird thing for me is that when the play happened live I thought it was an incomplete pass and wondered why the whistle wasn't blown. <<< because officials have been “taught” (in the era of replay) to let plays develop if they aren’t sure of what happened. If they blow the whistle as...
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    Interesting Take On How We Might End Up In Tampa (Outback Bowl)

    No. Once you put OSU in the playoff and one of Wis/PSU in the Bowl 6, you wind up with all bowl eligible b10 teams slotted to contractual games with no extra b10 teams looking for games. The problem for IU, MSU and Illinois is that bowl reps saw the empty stands in home stadiums. They are...
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    Big Ten Bowl Tie-Ins

    The alumni, who likely never showed up at MS when they are undergrads are going to show up at Yankee Stadium in late December on a 20 degree day? And sit in a stadium where the field runs home plate to Center field and a seat on the 50 starts about 25 yds away from the field? I think the...
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    I see Franklin has lost three 4* recruits in the last week...

    James Franklin put on some old Vanderbilt gear and was seen in Omaha in Monday, cheering on his former school in the College World Series finals. I’m sure that was well received in Pennsylvania.
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    Jim Delaney’s successor will be announced tomorrow (Tue) at Noon ET

    Schefter of ESPN says it will be Kevin Warren, the COO of the Minnesota Vikings. He will become the first African American commissioner of a P5 conference.
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    Jim Delaney’s successor will be announced tomorrow (Tue) at Noon ET

    If it’s Phillips, there won’t be a debate. He and Fitzgerald did everything possible to submarine the player’s union vote.
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    The "Perfect New B10 Alignment?"

    When Jim Delaney negotiated the last contract (effective 9/1/17, he made the contract 6 years (instead of the previous ten) so it expires one year before the SEC’s current deal expires. Big Ten deal expires beginning with the 2023 football season).
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    Jim Delaney’s successor will be announced tomorrow (Tue) at Noon ET

    BTN will have coverage. Speculation centering on Northwestern AD Jim Phillips, but the secrecy is very tight.
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    The "Perfect New B10 Alignment?"

    Interesting concept but it falls short in one significant way. Any B10 fan (and especially fans of the following two institutions) would agree that Michigan and Ohio State should play every year, but the whining out of East Lansing about Michigan State not being guaranteed a game against its...
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    For those that follow TV scheduling of CFB....

    Consider it a compliment. Fox is now making their best game of the day a Noon telecast (excluding Pac12 games, obviously)
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    For those that follow TV scheduling of CFB....

    Ball State game at Noon and telecast on CBS Sports Network