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    Big roster news coming

    Happens a lot to young kids. I wouldn't be too concerned. Does this tie in with the UK cheerleading scandal?
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    IHSAA announces State Tourney Changes

    75 tickets per team for parents. No cheerleaders. These are strange times.
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    "Playing downhill" God, I hate that. Also not a fan of a running back being effective when he "gets into space". There, I feel better.
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    Joey Brunk on The Journey

    Great feature on Joey and Joe. I went to Hanover with him. Spent a few weekends at Southport with Joe and his HS buddies. He was a fierce competitor on the court or playing pinball at the campus center. Truly a gentle giant. It is amazing how much Joey looks like his dad.
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    Fools Gold

    1st half at 12:09. Talking about Green being Duluth Hardest working player. Paraphrasing but says early returns from the caucus are in with DG receiving 100% of the votes from the precincts and then says something about shooting from every precinct. He had some other ones but they were a few...
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    Fools Gold

    "Fools Gold" was the exact thing I said to my wife after Green hit the three where he almost stepped out of bounds. Her reply was how can you be mad? It went in! I try to see the season as a trend as opposed to single game results. It's never as good as your best victory or as bad as your worst...
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    Next year a new coach would get

    Exhibit A in how ridiculous some people are. That anyone would suggest hiring Pitino as the answer is telling. He is the antithesis of our heritage. His coaches paid for whores. Please spare me the alibi he was unaware. All the more sad on the day Coach Knight comes back. I'm not a Knight...
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    Could this be Archie’s last game?

    The same source reported that the OSU player's bloody nose was stopped by tampons from the IU bench.
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    What do you hate most?

    Deron Davis laughing after making a turnover.
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    Wow, very hard to watch

    We must be practicing the lazy assed telegraphed pass to the wing since that seems to be an area of proficiency. Not to mention the inside feeds toward the defense that are easily deflected. 19 field goals 17 turnovers
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    Find me a guard, please

    Maybe we could get a lacrosse player from Northwestern as a grad transfer. He seems to have better bball IQ.
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    Game in 4K

    Dish channel 540 if you have the TV that does 4k
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    Face the reality

    We do have "the Brunkyard dog".
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    Frisbee Dogs?

    Perfect fit for our team. 7/38 from 3 the last two games.
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    Going to bed

    I'm sure we will wait with breathless anticipation your next post regarding what time time you are going to bed as well as your disdain with the program.
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    Leary on how Knight handled 106-56 loss to Minnesota

    I remember how sheepish the announcers were in announcing the player of the game. What I won't forget is how Haskins kept his starters in. Not quite sure, but I believe they were still pressing very late in the 2nd half.
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    Who does Trayce Jackson remind you of as other big man in the BT

    Absolutely. Carries himself the same way on the court. I mentioned this to my wife the first time I saw him play. I'll take that.
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    DUKE and ESPN...

    This is how much KY hated their governor.
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    I wish Brian Butch well in his career.

    Like him or hate him, Bo Ryan was a hell of a coach. You can tell this kid was well-schooled. Not too distracted with trying to be funny. Like him better than Crispin and Bardo. I also think Robbie Hummel does an excellent job. I think he sounds like Troy Aikman.
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    What I think about IU basketball: Won't Get Fooled Again (link)

    Why Don't We Do It in the Road (to the Final 4), The Weather is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful, You Can't Always Get What You Want, Beer Run.........;