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  1. boston jamie

    Which QB will transfer (a hypothetical)?

    There is no football. What else is there to talk about other than hypothetical? That said, I saw Jack Tuttle and Mike Penix play in person last year. Jack was clearly nervous and made a couple high throws, but also had Miles Marshall drop a TD literally in his hands. There were lots of rumors...
  2. boston jamie

    Crystal ball for Mcculley

    I just find it hilarious that these guys come over here and come up with an easily provable lie as an excuse. Like, why?
  3. boston jamie

    Crystal ball for Mcculley

    Who is most? He was an IU lean per the national and regional 247 guys (I hope I don't get in trouble for saying that). For the record, I absolutely love Jackson. I think he's going to be special, I just don't think it will be at QB, or if it is, he's going to need 2-3 years of work at the...
  4. boston jamie

    Crystal ball for Mcculley

    Good attributes? He's 5'10 and played in chaos offense. McCulley is 6'5, 195. He's got prototypical size, terrific arm strength and improving touch. Jackson is a dynamic athlete, but that doesn't make him a sure fire lock @ QB when everyone in college is a good athlete. Jackson is the polar...
  5. boston jamie

    Crystal ball for Mcculley

    I think you got a future very good slot receiver today...Just saying.
  6. boston jamie

    Hoosiers Trending For 4-Star QB

    It's true, you should be competing for titles in the JV side of the conference every year. :D
  7. boston jamie

    Question for the board - OL Guard spots heading into Spring

    I had high hopes for Nworah coming into the program, but he's been a disappointment to this juncture, imo. He was objectively awful filling in for Stepaniak in the Gator Bowl. I get he doesn't have the same familiarity / playing time with the Jones or Littlejohn that Stepaniak has, but he...
  8. boston jamie

    5 Best RB's In The Big Ten 2020:

    I can see that. I love the Scott / James combo, but I still think Scott is the feature guy. What he did in the passing game this year goes under the radar. He was really good catching the ball in the flat and getting yardage when we needed it. That said, Scott has been better than every player...
  9. boston jamie

    5 Best RB's In The Big Ten 2020:

    Any list of B1G RB’s without Scott is a joke. That’s not even a homer take, it’s objective. Scott has had two straight years with 1k+ scrimmage yards. He nearly had another 1k yard rushing season this season while missing multiple games. He also had the most receptions by any B1G running back...
  10. boston jamie

    Wow Rodney McGraw just committed to IU

    McGraw had offers from Michigan, Penn State and Michigan State and chose IU. He's incredibly raw and reportedly only been playing football since his freshman year, which means he is a blank slate for teaching good habits. The sky is the limit for this kid. Not picking on you, but I just don't...
  11. boston jamie

    Coy Cronk

    Cronk wants to play tackle and thinks he's similar, but better than Brandon Knight who played RT at IU. Knight may be a bit smaller, but has a similar build (in the 6'4, 310 range) to Cronk (listed at 6'5, 324, but I don't think he's that tall). I thought Knight was a OG all the way if he made...
  12. boston jamie

    Indiana to Name Nick Sheridan Offensive Coordinator

    Criticism is fair, but Sheridan is a rising star in coaching and was going to get a shot to call plays somewhere. Clearly Allen felt like Sheridan's familiarity with his players, style and staff meshed with how he wanted the program to grow in the future.
  13. boston jamie

    Will Ramsey stay?.....

    His arm strength is absolutely an issue. He can throw the ball deep. He cannot throw the ball with velocity. That is arm strength. Penix can hit throws that Ramsey cannot. I'm not knocking him, it's just a fact. I'm a huge Ramsey guy, but I doubt he sticks around. This is his last year playing...
  14. boston jamie

    Coy Cronk

    I don’t know that I agree that he isn’t a draftable player at this point, but I just think his best spot in the NFL is at OG. He’s bigger and stronger than Dan Feeney and much more athletic and faster than Wes Martin who both ended up being drafted in the 3rd round. I think coming back and...
  15. boston jamie

    Player Development

    I have no idea if he peaked at a younger age relative to the others in his class, but Rivals has him listed at 6'0, 178lbs while the IU release on the signees has him at 6'2, 200lbs so he's clearly still filling out and Dr. Rhea and Coach Ballou haven't even gotten him on campus.
  16. boston jamie

    Coy Cronk

    I mean, I think that's the question. I have no idea and am just an arm chair GM. That said, I didn't think Brandon Knight had a chance at playing OT in the NFL and he's started a couple games for the Cowboys at RT due to their injuries and was pretty decent. With the obvious Knight caveat, I...
  17. boston jamie

    Coy Cronk

    I was really impressed with Bedford for a true freshman. He's going to be an NFL guy if he continues to get better. Here's my "way too early" OL starters if Cronk is back (as I expect): LT Bedford LG Cronk C Crider RG Powell RT Jones I think that Powell and Crider could be switched, but I...
  18. boston jamie

    Coy Cronk

    I took it as that Coy is going to go through the process and get feedback like anyone in his situation should. Same with Whop. Personally, I think Coy comes back. He's not a OT at the next level, imo, and will need time to prove he can play inside.
  19. boston jamie

    Who will be today's surprise Stud Signer?

    Which ones? According to 247 composite last years was the best in the recruiting era. This class also isn't over and will be the smallest class in years which usually hinders the rankings.