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    Saturday Throwback- Jenny McCarthy

    Well, he was part of "New Kids on the Block", so I'm guessing not
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    Saturday Throwback- Jenny McCarthy

    She married Donnie, not that it changes hotness or crazy factor....
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    Holcomb mandates masks in Indiana

    While he was Pence's Lt. Governor, I would put him more in the Mitch Daniels camp of the GOP than the Pence/Trump camp. Which makes sense, given he was part of Daniels administration.
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    Ryder Cup to be postponed, per ESPN.

    Don't forget the Pimento Cheese sandwich for a $1.50 or something ridiculously inexpensive.
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    Next Year's 2020 New Impact Players?

    You forgot Swann as a Stanford Transfer
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    What concert are you most ashamed/embarrassed that you went to?

    It wasn't pretty, but if you closed your eyes it still sounded the same...
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    What concert are you most ashamed/embarrassed that you went to?

    Henry Lee Summer, not the late 80's version when I was at IU, but the 2015 recovering meth head version in a bar on the South Side of Indy. Not a pretty sight... no cover so there was that.
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    I thought the NBA rule was 19 OR one year after your class graduates from high school. If he is able to reclassify, doesn't that mean he graduated in 2020?
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    Gene Keady attending the game tomorrow

    I suspect that ESPN, Dickie V and Coach Keady are all involved. Doubt that he comes directly into "Simon-Skojt" through the front door. My guess is that he will be in Cook Hall well before the game begins. The Varsity Club originally had a donor event schedule for noon in Cook Hall that has been...
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    Gene Keady attending the game tomorrow

    I'd be betting the same side as you...
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    Hickory Husker shirts...

    The Graduate Hotel in Bloomington sponsored the shirts.
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    DeBoer on Sheridan....

    I thought Inge was going to be DC?
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    Fitbit for your bit

    Uhm did you mean to post on the WC or the AOTF?
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    SCOTUS to rule in favor of insurers?

    Yes, that is what happened, but RC was designed to distribute the losses (risks) more evenly among carriers, not guarantee a profit.
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    SCOTUS to rule in favor of insurers?

    Again, it's been five years since I was knee deep in the ACA. There were two components to the original reimbursement program. One was reinsurance and the other risk corridors. Reinsurance was funded through taxes on the insurance companies (which was passed on to the consumer), and was a...
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    Gator Bowl and Golf

    Headed to Jacksonville for the game and staying thru Sunday. If it's warm enough (over 50 F), I intend to bring clubs and get in a round or two. Any fellow Hoosiers interested in playing?
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    SCOTUS to rule in favor of insurers?

    The Affordable Care Act was one of the reasons I got out of the health insurance industry, but i think the insurers in question are being disingenuous in their argument. When I was in the industry, it was clearly understood, at least at UHG, that the Risk Corridor program was a zero sum game. In...
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    This team misses RP bad

    Saw a picture of his ankle last night after he rolled it. Ankle was swollen the size of grapefruit. Looked nasty.
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    Hey Toasted Bread

    Anything in a 2 piece?
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    Biden denied communion...

    Great explanation. As a former Catholic, who has been divorced and remarried (and thus doesn't take Communion, by my choosing), your analysis was spot on.