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    Throwback Thursday- Kelly Lynch

    Maybe it's just me, but I've never seen one lady go from smokin' hot to WTF, back to smokin' back to WTF more. It's almost like she's two different people....both of which I would probably still just with more gusto
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    Bruiser Flint

    I hope this is true...but I wouldn't hire him for a lead assistant at this point. I could see bringing him into a role similar to what Elston had and then letting him work his way up to an assistants spot. In my opinion, that would be a home run situation. Imagine having both AJ & Roberts on...
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    IU President McRobbie to retire from IU - June of 2021

    I'm pretty "Blah" about McRobbie. I'm not in the know enough to talk overly intelligently about how good or bad he's been. However, with three kids now in high school and talking more and more to different "educational" type people across the state. It's pretty obvious to me that IU has...
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    Bruiser Flint

    Saw on Twitter that the "Coaching Changes" guys made a little fun of Bruiser. Basically said he's a good defensive coach but his offensive strategies were not very good. I know Roberts has a lot to do with the offense now, but makes me wonder if maybe CAM hadn't relied on Bruiser a little too...
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    Big Ten Schedule 2020 (link)

    Look at Wiscy's schedule! If they're not the west champs, then they failed!
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    Savannah GA?

    Good suggestions above. While hotter than hell this time of year, Savannah is a very cool place and very similar to Charleston, going just about anytime. One unique/cool place to try is the Cotton Exchange on the river walk. This is one of the touristy areas (not normally my thing)...
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    Hey good friends! Tell me it’s a great idea to buy a boat!!

    We got our boat when my 3 kids were age's 4-6. Kept it for almost 8 years and re-sold it for $1k less than we we paid for it. Used it at least every other weekend and often times both Saturday and Sunday...was also always fun to take a random "Tuesday" off and head to the otherwise deserted...
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    Trey Patterson

    With all of the talk on this Patterson thread not discussing Patterson....I thought I would mention him. Guess we've made his final 3 with Florida & Nova. I know Nova is the heavy favorite, but it sounds like we've still got a punchers chance in this one. Guess we'll find out tomorrow.
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    IU is Recruiting 7-Footer for 2020 Class (Brandon Lieb)

    I know it's a highlight video and the competition didn't appear great...However, the kid uses either hand effortlessly (shoots right but almost appears to prefer going left) and appears very coordinated, which is rare for his size. He needs to obviously bulk up, but if he truly is considering...
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    AOTF Dumb Poll #6

    This for the win!!!!!
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    Here's our #1 recruit for the 2022 class

    Yep, the kid is going to be a beast. Interesting that the Tanona kid at Zionsville actually has more offers and appears to be lower rated. He's one OL I wish we would get for '22, but don't believe there's much chance.
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    Bike around the world

    You CAN bike with bad knees. A ton of former runners turn to cycling as they age, it's low impact.
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    Mike Miller stepping down at Memphis...

    Just saw Evan Daniels post on Twitter. Maybe the Mason Miller option isn't so far fetched after all?
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    Big roster news coming

    While I totally agree you hate to see a senior leave like this...I'm not so sure this won't be addition by subtraction. I've mentioned this before on here, Justin was a huge PIA for CAM. He would openly challenge and cuss CAM during practice. The relationship was very bitter to say the least...
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    A cosmic titty?

    Goat will be deleting this in 3,2,1...
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    Transfer Summary

    CTC's issue, as it pertained to APR, was the constant turnover in the roster. I don't know about the grades, but the turnover was huge..which impacted the APR.
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    Transfer Summary

    Well here's the link, read it if you want. CAM was stuck with a 943 APR and a 930 starts to cost you scholarships. Had he cut loose more than Gelon, we would have then been in deep trouble. BTW, other than last year when we had 2 open (to be fare, I...
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    Transfer Summary

    I'm still in a bit of a "wait and see" position with CAM, but you do realize the due to the APR position CTC left the program in, there was no way CAM could overhaul the roster. He had to build it within the confines of the APR and that meant keeping everyone he possibly could.
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    Grad Transfer...Charles Minlend from San Fran...

    After looking a bit more, a few interesting observations; 1. He's actually from the east (NC) and with the exception of AL, we're the closest school to home. 2. For the most part, he had his better games against the better competition on their schedule (including Gonzaga). 3. Few must have liked...
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    Grad Transfer...Charles Minlend from San Fran...

    My guess, is it's strictly precautionary measure. Who knows though.