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  1. Moops

    Bet we lose ...

    So you thought we would lose but it’s a game we should have easily won? I’m marking you as delusional and leaving it at that. I wanted to take you up in it but my father taught me not to take money from the ill and less fortunate.
  2. Moops

    Race Thompson

    Can we stop with the players ‘banging Archie’s wife’ bull? It’s disrespectful to a beautiful woman who loves basketball and she doesn’t deserve it. It’s sickening.
  3. Moops


    Mack and Holtmann followed good coaches who could put a roster together. Archie inherited some problems and those who remain are starting to play his system rather than the fast and furious, offense only, get me to the League, system.
  4. Moops


    Al is the fkn problem.
  5. Moops

    Romeo Romeo where for art thou?

    He’s no Eric Gordon. And EJ thrives as a ‘complimentary wing player’. I don’t know how he will do. I just don’t see him reaching EJ’s level. I could be wrong.
  6. Moops

    Prediction Thread: WIU @ IU

    Away Team:47 INDIANA: 96 The goal vs teams in the KenPom Lower 75: A. Indiana North of 90 (preferably 100+) B. Away team South of 50 C. A doubling of the opponents score
  7. Moops

    Opens season against Western Illinois

    I wonder if it’ll be an issue that keeps him out of the first 3 games.
  8. Moops

    BTN Replay IU/W Illinois

    This is correct. I also just did the scroll. But see you already handled giving out the deets. as for Nebraska v. UCR , maybe IU didn’t want to move to a 9pm game.
  9. Moops

    Decision Day: Four-Star Guard Anthony Leal

    But IU is atrocious, right? Way to set the bar high.
  10. Moops

    What do you got us in the B1G?

    Get back to me when September ends
  11. Moops

    Louisville's new court design

    What a Clown Show! Such a Cartoon.
  12. Moops

    2 Assistants, 10 schollie players

    You should go enjoy the rest of your life. This isn’t going to end well for you.
  13. Moops

    Anthony Leal

    LOL. We’re so f——d!
  14. Moops

    Trey Galloway to IU

    When you tuck him in tonight, be sure to remind him to keep the towel twirls, peen cannons, and other sideline celebrations low key and to a minimum.
  15. Moops

    Anthony Leal

    It’s called atmospheric drag.
  16. Moops

    Anthony Leal

    Is Archie his coach? Until he makes his decision he is both dancing and not dancing on the head of that pin. It’s a phenomenon known as Schrodingers Leals.
  17. Moops

    Anthony Leal

    You bet he is.
  18. Moops

    Anthony Leal

    Where did the Big Bang come from? What if no one ever existed ever?
  19. Moops

    We have a lot of offers out there, but are we actually in the lead with anyone?

    Then look at this Power Class Of 2021 and give me a State by state run down. I say this because the top Indiana kids were no where near where I figured they’d be given all the hype I see here of that class. I’d say the 2019 class was better, at least in top end talent, and Archie pretty much...
  20. Moops

    Anthony Leal

    You obvi need everything spelled out for you. The info is there. You can’t or choose not to think. I cannot comprehend for you. Now I know your camp. #simpleton #godwinslaw