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    Kaufman is a player and a winner regardless of where he goes. I still believe it will be IU...just a hunch
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    Keion Brooks asking to change Rupp

    African American Studies faculty leading the effort AAAS Letter to UK President
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    Donovan McCulley stats

    Sounds like Columbus North got to him quite a bit. Allen went 20 - 37 on the night throwing lots of underneath stuff. But a 3A vs 6A might have something to do with it.
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    Joshua Sales to Indiana

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    Kaufman/ Norh Carolina offer..

    Sellersburg has a huge IU following. Probably more than UofL, UK, and UNC combined. It's been IU territory down here as far as I can remember...I live close to the school and my cousin was Principal for what seemed like 100 years. Silver Creek High School's greatest player to date was IU star...
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    Adam Kunkel (Belmont) to transfer

    6'3" shooter with 2 years eligibility. Try to get him?
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    Stanford cut 11 of 36 varsity sports!!!!

    Collegiate sports provide a significant opportunity for kids that work their tails off. I hope IU cuts none.
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    Twitter feed on this site...

    Used to be a good read, but not much related to IU sports lately. Can someone adjust the feed.
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    I got it straight from a UK alum that he was given the opportunity to make $ handshakes at events...guess he was lying...that guy geez
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    McGraw flipped to Penn State

    Don't Blink. And get that bum off the front page.
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    Cooper Jones Commits

    Holy cow!!! McGraw and Jones on the ends...stoked!!
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    Hoosiers Trending For 4-Star QB

    There are several things that have to happen for a program to try to hire a coach away and the biggest is that the coach needs to be willing to discussions. Coach Allen has said many times he is at his dream job. He's going nowhere because that's his choice. Brohm on the other hand will jump if...
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    A favorite football moment

    1982 Ross-Ade I was an IU student. My girlfriend lived in Lafayette and had arranged for us to wrap hotdogs for the local FOP before the game in exchange for tickets. Once finished with our duties we found our seats...first row in a temp bleacher inside the chain link fence that wrapped the...
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    if you're by Silver Creek, the best pizza is Tony Impellizeri's
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    Archie's 2015 Dayton Team

    I was watching that game and hoping Lander can be Archie's next Goochie Smith
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    Trey Kaufman to IU is imminent

    Sellersburg is Louisville metro...there is lots to do.
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    On to Minnesota

    We need to win these last 2.
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    Well Archie is off all hot seats

    I think it's clear that the culture is changing and these guys are starting to get it. I'm really optimistic for the future of the program under Archie.