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    How's the resume looking?

    I’m an FSU alum and I like the score!
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    Official Prediction Thread: Indiana @ Wisconsin

    55-54 badgers. Greene and Davis both w/27.
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    Trey Galloway & Anthony Leal (Opening Night)

    Carsen played like a 5 star in college...especially last season. Pundits don't always get it right plus players develop while in college.
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    Official Prediction Thread: Indiana @ Duke

    I believe this game will be much, much closer than you, prognosticators, think...
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    Official Prediction Thread: Indiana @ Duke

    Phinnisee 1 out of 2 at the line w/no time remaining in the 8 OT...
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    Official Prediction Thread: Indiana @ Duke

    93-92 duke in 8 OTs...Romeo w/50 and Morgan w/41!
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    OT: My family is very blessed this day

    Scott... Being an avid college basketball fan...I follow message boards for info on my teams as well as others...and fans who root for their teams. It is always nice to hear good news like your daughter's. Despite our rooting difference...I appreciate when hard work is rewarded. Congrats on...
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    I despise Syracuse.

    just win baby!
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    Indiana played respectable tonight

    I dont think Carolina is the best team in the country. Heals will lose in the Final 4...
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    Tyler Ulis

    Ulis definitely matched yogi...ulis statline was better...but when IU spreads the court and have Yogi opens a lot of opportunities for others on the floor. It was a great pg matchup...splitting hairs who is better...but i would give the nod to yogi on how his dribble pentration...
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    RJ injury?

    Hopefully...Robert Johnson just suffered a sprain and will miss only a couple games. Very enjoyable game last night with each team having runs. Good luck in the tournament.
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    Seasons Endings

    Agree. Michigan State is the best team in the Big Ten at this point and time. They will win the Big Ten Conference tournament.
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    IU @ PSU predictions

    Look who is embarrassed now!