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    Skyy Clark Note

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    Future state of employment...

    While Trump was able to slice at portions of the ACA, most of that likely quickly reverses if Biden is elected. If Trump is re-elected his engagement with employers will be interesting in confronting all of these emerging trends/challenges. Another impact If formal employment transitions to...
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    Future state of employment...

    Relates to a discussion originally on the AOTF. If accurate, a lot more people will shift from employer based health care to Obamacare. The slightly longer term impact will be on whether 4 year college educations are required to demonstrate professional capabilities / acumen. This might lead...
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    What is the best band from the past 30 years?

    Some other considerations 1. Pearl Jam 2. Foo Fighters 3. Radiohead 4. Muse 5. The Strokes 6. Arcade Fire 7. The Killers Your criteria of active / post 1990 (still releasing albums, etc narrowed the herd quickly). A few listed above don’t necessarily have equal depth of songs, but can...
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    Another potential therapeutic that already exists.. Still requires clinical trials. Given the amount of gain in various biotech/pharma stocks, the next six months should be a fascinating race for vaccine/cure. The eventual arguments...
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    Zion Cruz

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    Good cohort to study for effectiveness and length of immunity 1. Within this cohort there should be those asymptomatic vs hospitalized. For those hospitalized there should be associated date(s). This hopefully will more accurately define the antibody levels and...
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    More evidence against Covid-19 Herd Immunity

    If antibodies don’t last long, how does a virus “run its course”? The assumption on “run its course” is antibodies for the specific strain generated by the host are sustained, evidence is building that the resistance window is short (weeks vs months). So the strain could conceivably never “run...
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    Sweden’s PM orders investigation into strategy avoiding lockdown
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    What Life Changes Might We See When Things Get Back To Normal?

    I want to be clear, I don’t think these changes are happening due to Covid the disease. It was just the catalyst that set the change in motion. These changes were coming with or without the pandemic, just over a much longer/more subtle timeframe. Kids need to go to school in person, the...
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    What Life Changes Might We See When Things Get Back To Normal?

    Sadly, I don’t think it creates any jobs. If employees are required to procure those items themselves, they will source via eCommerce (Amazon, etc) for the printers, ink, ergonomic stands, etc. Whoever at HP (ink/printers) that currently manages the Amazon account, just sees more volume. If...
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    What Life Changes Might We See When Things Get Back To Normal?

    Business travel will be forever reduced (not because of the virus) but because remote working has proved to be much more efficient / cost effective. Business travel and expenses are the lifeblood of urban restaurants / hotels. Urban restaurants / hotels will over the long-term never see the...
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    What Life Changes Might We See When Things Get Back To Normal?

    As we see more remote work/school become the norm, I think there will be an increase of formal activities for kids (sports, art, music, etc). It will become the primary in person engagement for kids over next 5-10 years. It will likely also serve as the primary social outlet for parents who...
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    US Defense Contractractors Offer Bounties To Legislators To Start Wars And Perpetuate Them.

    Not a new phenomenon post WWII, I don’t believe, a few songs trying to highlight the problem: Bob Dylan - Masters of War Black Sabbath - War Pigs Pearl Jam has a great cover of the first, Faith No More with a good version of the second.
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    Brandon Lieb offered by Illinois for 2020 [U] Lieb committed to Illinois

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    IU is Recruiting 7-Footer for 2020 Class (Brandon Lieb)

    Illinois, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, DePaul, Utah have all offered (see 2nd link)
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    Dr. Trump Does It Again

    To combat it as a systemic issue vs. one off “bad apple” issues (requiring , proof of it (body cameras) was necessary. Per the linked article, despite Ferguson occurring in 2014, camera deployment amongst police departments didn’t jump until the administration offered grants via the DOJ for...
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    We are cruisin for a bruisin
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    IU is Recruiting 7-Footer for 2020 Class (Brandon Lieb)

    Perhaps Tom Pritchard, rebound dunk?