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    Position Groups

    As far as the DB’s go, I have to believe our lack of a consistent pass rush has made our DB’s look worse than they are. We are trying to address the pass rush so hopefully this will improve things for our pass coverage.
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    If TJD leaves after this year...this team is toast.

    He’d fit right in. He is shooting 60% from the FT line and 17% from the 3 point line. He would be a major contributor on this team....
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    Rough Day To Be A Spartan

    Wow!! That is a damning article against the whole MSU institution. I can’t believe why so many go to such great lengths to protect that program after reading articles like that. Just WOW!!
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    I can admit when I’m wrong

    We in fact, do have MAJOR ISSUES!!
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    Archie needs to walk his ass back to Bloomington!!!

    He can’t inspire his team to do anything!!! Get rid of his ass right now!!!
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    There are times like these last 5 minutes or so I'd like to see Archie ..

    I am amazed that this guy (CAM) gets paid so well to put on so many shit-shows once the Big10 season starts. He is a complete embarrassment and needs to go right now!!! He just flat out sucks!!!!
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    20 points?

    Our offensive identity is that we flat out can’t shoot!!! This team is pathetic at shooting the ball just like last year. Obviously Archie has been incapable of doing anything to Improve it. This team is just excruciatingly painful to watch, just like last year. Hopefully proper decisions...
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    And the football gods are just about ready to stick it to us again.

    Well the basketball team is mentally soft and can’t shoot. The football team was completely let down by their head coach tonight. End of the first half not calling timeout and taking one shot at a TD and then the complete shock that Tennessee might try an onsides kick. Coach has got to own...
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    And the football gods are just about ready to stick it to us again.

    Not football gods. This was self imposed.
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    Complete Meltdown underway!!! All on Coach Allen!!!!
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    That was terrible preparation on the onsides kick!! Had to know that was a distinct possibility!!!
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    Better get another blocker in...

    Really struggling on offense. Offensive line being completely dominated thus far. Defense really hanging in there though. Hopefully we can get something going soon.
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    DeBoer to Fresno State??

    Tedford stepping down. Will be a huge loss if it happens.
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    Defense has sucked today

    We will see what this team is made of now. Can’t lose to this Purdue team after having a 14-0 lead.
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    Tuttle time?

    Agreed, I really didn’t understand that. I guess we were waving the white flag.
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    Tuttle time?

    If he doesn’t come in, he must be totally inept in the coaches eyes. No reason he shouldn’t.
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    Peyton Ramsey.....

    He needs to come out of game. He is really shying away from contact on his passes. Obviously he is hurt. Why Coach keeps playing him is curious.
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    Got to recruit/develop defensive linemen

    Our pass rush with the front four is just not nearly good enough yet. Have to develop some sort of pash rush going forward without relying on the blitz. Long way to go in this area if the team.
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    Michigan offensive weapons are the difference

    Exactly! When you have all kinds of time to sit in the pocket the game becomes easy....
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    A message for the IU students.

    Problem will be Thanksgiving break. I assume a lot of students will want to get home to their family for the holiday.