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    Yes, and it was amazing. Very civilized, and drunken. The food is almost as good as the bier. It was tremendous and worth the effort. we had a funny episode at the end of the first night there. Since Munich hotels were totally booked, we had to stay in Bad Tölz, which was about a 30 min train...
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    Ruth Bader Ginsberg passes on at 87

    I believe the question here is about political muscle, and who has it. I do not have the answer here. Of course the Dems will do the exact same thing if they can. But do they have the muscle?
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    I thought this was an interesting theory

    Sorry if already posted, but I haven’t seen it discussed here yet. the gist of the theory is, the amount of virus one gets upon the initial infection may indicate how sick one gets. Get a tiny bit of the virus, and you only get a fever, or you’re asymptomatic. The immune system handles it...
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    Some positive COVID news

    SO dumb.
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    Sinking in Texas... A Metaphor?

    “S.S. MAGA-ritaville”. Perfect.
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    watching game 7 of hou v okc

    We might see that offense with the Pacers soon as D’Antoni seems to be the front runner for the coaching position. I’m not sure the Pacers have the personnel to make that offensive approach work.
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    Why wouldn’t he just call it the Democratic storm? Or, the leftist storm? The socialist democratic storm?
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    October Surpirse

    When you say “too soon”, i have a feeling you mean its probably too soon.
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    I can’t wait to hear the stories that’ll come out if Trump loses

    i think Trump is deeply unpopular In so many ways, and in many places, and I think he’s going to lose. just not in Indiana.
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    I can’t wait to hear the stories that’ll come out if Trump loses

    If the election were held today, I’m feeling trump would win the state of Indiana. I’m not looking at any polling data. Just a gut feeling.
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    do you plan to watch the conventions?

    Something I’d like to see: I think the DNC could host a second convention, except this one is comprised only of real republicans that won’t be voting for trump. They could get a pretty notable lineup of republicans for such a mock convention, and it would be most entertaining to watch.
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    What News Source Do You Trust?

    i completely agree. Mad Magazine is good too.
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    Election Prognosticator Season officially opens

    I appreciate the response, and I’m happy to read that. Ive heard the axiom in the past that basically says we get out and vote FOR issues, and FOR candidates, and not against candidates. i accept that in principle, and i do think (hope is a better word) in this election we will have the impulse...
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    Election Prognosticator Season officially opens

    I’m going to admit straight up that I haven’t read the article. sorry/not sorry. I’m far more concerned with who will actually leave the house to vote, not, what is their vote. not to dismiss such an endeavour. polls are important, and I’m hanging on them nearly daily. I feel though that the...
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    is a 4 year term to short for the presidency

    4 years is too long in some cases.
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    an Australian’s take on our current political situation
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    If FB is cancelled, little hope for BB

    I’m incredulous that there are so many thinking the entire world is somehow in on this vast Dem virus hoax conspiracy.
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    Stranded on an island

    You mean MM is ruining Dawes? this task of picking one desert island artist is folly. No matter what I’d pick (impossible task) I’d hate by week four.
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    What is the best band from the past 30 years?

    I hear you. Wilco, for me, is hit and miss, with mostly miss.....but when they hit, its awesome. They’re all superb players, and jeff tweedy is a compelling singer. Thats my one problem with Phish, whom i think are all tremendous players that also have learned to improvise together in a special...
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    What is the best band from the past 30 years?

    Radiohead is definitely worthy of a top five nod. Sofa King good. (Is someone out there trying to say that choice is ghey??? Did i read that right?). Wilco is pretty worthy, even if i dont love all their stuff.